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  • cathay capital innovation« The close involvement of the Cathay Capital team with our activities allowed us to pursue our growth at a sustained level and to reach a higher level in terms of our international development, particularly in Asia. »

    Alexandre Crazover,

  • cathay capital innovation« By acting as a trusted shareholder, Cathay Capital has helped to strengthen mutual understanding and to secure our relationships with French partners. Thanks to Cathay Capital’s valuable role, Suofeiya today represents a real success story, which has successfully completed its IPO and continues to push forward its development with dynamism. »

    Ke Jiansheng,

  • cathay capital innovation« The strategic positioning of Cabio is to become an invisible champion of the niche market for high-end food ingredients based on highly effective biological technology. Cathay Capital has extensive resources and practical experience in the cross-border investment field and food industry, which will provide a strong support for Cabio`s development, »

    Dewei Yi,
    Founder and President of Cabio


  • Sixpoint Brewery to partner with Artisanal Brewing Ventures Read more

    Sixpoint Brewery to partner with Artisanal Brewing Ventures

    Partnership with ABV will bring new production capabilities, an innovation center and taproom to Brooklyn, accelerating Sixpoint’s ability to innovate and increasing access to their acclaimed beers.

    BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Nov. 7, 2018 – Sixpoint Brewery has signed a partnership agreement to become part of Artisanal Brewing Ventures (ABV), a unique company created to support the growth ambitions of leading regional craft breweries. Located in Brooklyn, New York, Sixpoint is an acclaimed producer of some of New York’s most recognizable craft beer brands. As part of the partnership, Sixpoint plans to open its first taproom and new production brewing facility in Brooklyn. This facility will serve as Sixpoint’s innovation brewery, headquarters, and a much-anticipated location where consumers can experience the Sixpoint brand as well as sample and celebrate Sixpoint beers. Through this partnership, Sixpoint  becomes a sister brewery to ABV’s other brands, Victory Brewing Company and Southern Tier Brewing Company.

    Mark Woods, Partner of Cathay Capital, said: “Cathay Capital is proud to be an investor in Artisanal Brewing Ventures, a top U.S. craft brewer, which just announced its acquisition of Brooklyn-based Sixpoint Brewery, an acclaimed producer of some of New York’s most recognizable craft beer brands.”

    For more information, please click:

  • Autonomous driving company Momenta completes a new round of financing and reaches the Unicorn status The autonomous driving company Momenta announced on October 18th that it has completed a new round of financing. Read more

    Autonomous driving company Momenta completes a new round of financing and reaches the Unicorn status

    The autonomous driving company Momenta announced on October 18th that it has completed a new round of financing. The current round mainly comes from leading strategic investors, including Tencent, China Merchants Capital, Guoxin Investment, Oriza Holdings and CCB International. Historic investors such as Good Capital Group or NioCapital also contributed to this round.

    Momenta has completed more than $200 million in financing so far and its valuation is more than $1 billion, making it the most valued startup and first unicorn in the Chinese autonomous driving landscape. Cathay Innovation is an early backer of Momenta and has led the B2 round.

    Momenta CEO Xudong CAO said: “Momenta was founded in September 2016 and we are committed to ‘build the brain for autonomous driving’. This new round of financing is a very important strategic step for the company”.

    Denis Barrier, co-founder and CEO of Cathay Innovation said: “We are living an industrial revolution in the car industry, transport and mobility, through which new players are emerging. Along with this new round Momenta has recently achieved significant milestones on the technical side and has started enjoying significant traction with leading customers. And we are proud to count a new unicorn among our portfolio companies”.

    In the past two years, the company has completed three phases of development. The first phase is the construction of the underlying infrastructure platform. The second phase is to establish environmental awareness, high-precision maps and a series of software algorithms such as driving decision planning based on the underlying platform. The third phase is the formation of autonomous driving solutions in different scenarios and levels, including in parking, highways and urban loops.

    Momenta also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Suzhou government in April this year. The company will establish a large-scale test fleet in Suzhou to promote full L4 autonomous driving and contribute to the smart city construction in Suzhou. Based on its proprietary technologies and solutions, Momenta is today working the world’s renowned automakers and tier one companies and has already started developing its business overseas.

    Since its creation, Momenta has hired some of the world’s top experts in computer vision and deep learning, including one of the authors of Faster R-CNN and ResNet, the most influential framework in image recognition, as well as winners of ImageNet 2015, ImageNet2017 and MS COCO Challenge 2015. The team has also experienced rapid growth in the past two years, with developers currently accounting for more than 80% of a global team of more of 700.

  • Kayrros Secures $24M in Series B Funding to Expand Energy Market Penetration New funding deepens the company’s crude oil market intelligence and expands its coverage across other energy markets that include petroleum products, natural gas, and power generation. Read more

    Kayrros Secures $24M in Series B Funding to Expand Energy Market Penetration

     Kayrros Secures $24M in Series B Funding to Expand Energy Market Penetration

    New funding deepens the company’s crude oil market intelligence and expands its coverage across other energy markets that include petroleum products, natural gas, and power generation

    PARIS, 18 September 2018 – Kayrros, the leading advanced data analytics firm, today announced that it has raised €21 million ($24.4 million) in Series B funding led by Cathay Innovation and backed by private investors including Index Ventures, AtlasInvest (the investment company under the lead of Marcel van Poecke), the Primat Family Office (Primwest), and Korelya Capital. Kayrros has now raised a total of €32 million ($37 million) from all funding rounds.

    Kayrros captures and analyzes data across the energy sector using innovative technologies that include satellite imagery, natural language processing, Internet of Things, and machine learning. Combining technology with in-house energy expertise, Kayrros provides accurate and timely information on global market movements to help customers make more informed trading, investment, and operational decisions.

    Kayrros has already established itself as a global leader in providing crude oil intelligence. The latest round of funding will allow Kayrros to further strengthen its coverage of the global crude oil value chain from production and storage through transport and consumption. Kayrros expects to bring new granularity across energy markets, and expand to other sectors including petroleum products, power generation, natural gas, and renewables.

    “We are pleased to have secured our Series B funding as well as the confidence and backing of Cathay Innovation,” said Antoine Rostand, president and co-founder of Kayrros. “As we continue to rapidly grow, we look forward to developing our product offering and extending the leadership we have built with our unique crude oil intelligence to the complete energy market, from demand for diesel fuel in

    India to production of lithium in Chile.”

    Jacky Abitbol, partner at Cathay Innovation, added: “We are very proud to support Kayrros write a new page in its success story. In addition to the strength of its management, we believe that Kayrros has tremendous growth potential as a global company. We know Kayrros’ industry quite well given our existing partnerships in the energy sector. We look forward to supporting the Kayrros team through our platform bridging Europe, Asia and North America.”

    Since 2016, Kayrros has steadily carved a niche for itself as a cutting-edge data analytics firm in the energy sector and expanded its team from 8 to 100 engineers and scientists — strengthening its expertise in energy and data science, IT, petroleum engineering, sales, and marketing. Kayrros raised €9 million in Series A funding in January 2017 led by Index Ventures, allowing the company to attract some of the largest energy trading companies as customers and rapidly increase its global presence with new offices in Houston, London, and Singapore.

    “The Kayrros team is led by some of the most experienced executives from the energy and technology industries,” said Dominique Vidal, partner at Index Ventures. “It has already brought an unprecedented level of transparency to the energy sector through its proprietary data sets. For the first time ever,

    companies can make reliable assessments and predictions about the world’s supply and demand for energy. It is therefore no surprise that Kayrros has already signed up customers who represent half of the world’s crude oil trading volume.”

    Paul Degueuse, partner at Korelya Capital, also commented: “Kayrros has already radically enhanced data accessibility across the energy sector, and we at Korelya Capital are eager to support them as they expand to East Asia.”


    About Kayrros

    Kayrros is the leading advanced data analytics company that helps global energy market players make better investment decisions. Kayrros experts extract value from the integration of alternative and market data into unique product offerings across the energy chain. With more than 100 employees representing over 15 nationalities working from headquarters in Paris and offices in Houston, London, New York and Singapore, Kayrros delivers actionable information in near real-time using cutting-edge technologies. Kayrros solutions are rapidly scalable and continually expanded to new geographies and new sources of data that help provide greater transparency into energy markets worldwide. For more information, please visit

    About Cathay Innovation

    Cathay Innovation is a global venture capital fund, created in affiliation with Cathay Capital Private Equity. It was founded around the shared conviction that supporting digital entrepreneurs by providing them with a platform bridging 3 continents – North America, Europe and China – constitutes a particularly powerful value-creation strategy. As a multi-stage fund, Cathay Innovation partners with visionary entrepreneurs, committed to driving change through technology. Such transformation is accelerated by leveraging Cathay Capital Private Equity's extensive network with corporates and solid experience in operational excellence. Cathay Innovation has offices in San Francisco, Paris, Beijing and Shanghai. To learn more, please visit or follow us on Twitter @Cathayinnov.

    Media Contacts

    For Kayrros: Simone Pugliese, +33 (0)6 33 22 58 42, For Cathay Innovation:

    Laurence Duhamel, +33 (0)7 60 90 89 18,

    Yoann Besse, +33 (0)1 53 32 78 89,

  • Cathay Innovation invests in website and mini-program editor SXL Cathay Innovation today announces its lead on series A+ funding round of website and mini-program editor SXL. Read more

    Cathay Innovation invests in website and mini-program editor SXL

    Cathay Innovation invests in website and mini-program editor SXL


    Cathay Innovation today announces it led the series A+ funding round of website and mini-program editor SXL, with participation from Cash Capital. As the first Chinese start up incubated by Y Combinator, SXL has launched a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use website and mini-program editor as well as other web products and services. Following this round of financing, the company also released a new product, the "Super Cloud Business Card".

    Since the creation of the company, the R&D team of SXL has been dedicated to helping users from more than 200 countries manage their online platforms. As the first generation of mini-program editor, the company has launched a great variety of mini-program templates over the past year, including for e-commerce, food ordering, reservations, etc., covering all possible types of mini-programs in various industries. SXL is currently at the leading position in terms of number of mini-programs designed compared to its competitors. The company also enjoys a good reputation among its users and has received positive feedbacks from the market.

    Official release of the “Super Cloud Business Card” in six major industries

    Following the completion of this new round of financing, SXL launched its latest product, the “Super Cloud Business Card”, which is an innovation and breakthrough adding up to their website and mini-program editor. It is in fact the first time that a product combines an electronic business card and sales function in a single mini-program.

    The “Super Cloud Business Card” is a smart mini-program that displays products, provides name cards and communicates online without being added to contacts. Not only does it provide entrepreneurs with more accurate promotion and sales models but it also offers data analysis. The AI-driven "Super Cloud Assistant" tracks the behaviors of the card owners in real time, helping sales teams to better understand customers' intentions.

    SXL is very optimistic about the upcoming sales figures of the mini-program. Last November, SXL tested it internally and provided the sales industry with some samples. They found out that despite a fierce competition, other products of this type are too simplistic to really solve issues within the sales industry. They hope to enter the market with a product that really works. After a series of improvements, the “Super Cloud Business Card” was born: it covers sales management in six major industries, including financial services, insurance, automobile, and manufacturing via a mini-program. It aims to help these major industries gaining more costumers.

    The CEO of SXL, Mr David CHEN, said: "As a website and mini-program editor, we have accumulated a lot of experience in corporate services and users’ data, which both help us consolidating our current market positions. But this market has just started its warm-up: as of the end of September 2017, mainland China counted nearly 30 million companies, showing that the market capacity is large. This is why every player is on the starting line and the Super Cloud Business Card is just a cut-through. We are confident that we can become the leading player on the corporate services market, through competitive products and excellent marketing capabilities."

    Lanchun DUAN, Managing Partner at Cathay Capital, added: "The mini-program has emerged as a very promising mobile app over the past two years. With its openness and uniqueness, the mini-program has developed rapidly in various fields such as games, e-commerce, tools and services. SXL is catching this trend with the launch of the Super Cloud Business Card mini-program in six major industries which need new sales management solutions to expand their client base. The team has a clear strategy, efficient execution plans, excellent program development capabilities, a genuine international vision and good product realization capabilities. Cathay is very optimistic about the development trend of mini-programs and will use its extensive resources in the consumer retail industry to empower SXL and help the company find more opportunities in corporate services."

    At the 30th August funding round and product release conference, Shifeng DU, Director of Amazon AWS's Tech Eco-partnership Department, announced that AWS and SXL will carry out a strategic cooperation, that AWS will strongly recommend SXL’s SaaS products to companies and users and that as the fruit of this cooperation, the Super Cloud Business Card will benefit from the core resources of the two parties. AWS's own brand promotion is also exploring cooperation with the “Super Cloud Business Card”. In addition, SXL launched the “Bajie Cloud Station” in collaboration with its strategic partner Zhubajie to provide its customers with SaaS website and mini-program solutions and to more capacities in the sales of companies.

  • Cathay Capital leads series B funding round of Brass Master Brass Master today announces it has raised RMB 310 million (about €39m) as part of a series B funding round which was led by Cathay Capital through its Small Cap fund. Read more

    Cathay Capital leads series B funding round of Brass Master

    Cathay Capital leads series B funding round of Brass Master

    Brass Master today announces it has raised RMB 310 million (about €39m) as part of a series B funding round which was led by Cathay Capital through its Small Cap fund, with participation from GX Capital and Yunmu Capital. Investors which participated in the series A funding round - Shunwei Capital, Xiaomi Investment and Haiquan Fund - continue to endorse the company.

    Founded by Guang YU and part of Hangzhou Xijiang Culture & Creative Corp., Brass Master focuses on designing and producing brass works. Hangzhou Xijiang Culture & Creative Corp. also owns brands such as Bronze Wood, which is dedicated to developing the online furniture market, and Master XI, which develops offline channels for the future. Guang YU calls this portfolio a “troika” and hopes this new funding round will help it grow faster in the future.


    (Master piece of Brass Master: Yunchang GUAN)

    Since its creation 4 years ago, Brass Master has been relying on the Internet, cultural innovation and traditional manufacturing to grow. It has maintained an annual growth rate of more than 100%, its income exceeded RMB 250 million (€32m) last year and the company is expected to complete more than RMB 600 million (€76m) in sales in 2018.

    Lanchun DUAN, Managing Partner at Cathay Capital, commented: “The new generation in China is pursuing a better quality of life which can be observed through their demand for a better household. However, the market lacks quality products with fair prices, offering many business opportunities. Brass Master accurately penetrates this market segment, winning customers with ultimate quality and high cost-performance products. At the same time, relying on its expertise in online marketing, it has become a leading brand of home furnishing and is now preparing for the future. Cathay will help Brass Master with continuing to explore the Chinese market with its extended network in the furniture sector and retail industries in China, Europe and the United States. Cathay will also promote the cooperation between Brass Master and outstanding international companies and IPs to achieve strategic breakthrough and developments.”

    Guang YU always insists on the fact that a good product “touches people and has a friendly price”. Thanks to strong cultural innovation abilities and ultimate cost performance, he made his way through the home accessories and furniture markets and has achieved rapid development.

    Because of their popularity, Brass Master’s products are often short of supply. 80% of the products in store currently have a “pre-sale” status. In September 2017, Brass Master secured a Series A funding round led by Shunwei Capital and Xiaomi Investment and quickly expanded its factories and added equipment soon after, doubling productivity, but still struggled to keep up with the growing demand.

    Speaking of the purpose of the funding round, Guang YU said the money will be invested in production expansion, especially that of furniture lines, to meet the growing demand. The money will also be used to greatly enhance internal organization, making sales and production management more efficient, extend product lines appropriately and work with other companies within the Xiaomi ecosystem, providing better home products to the loyal customers of Brass Master.

    After obtaining an IP authorization from the National Museum of China and signing a strategic cooperation agreement with the China Academy of Art, Brass Master won one of Marvel's most coveted IP "Avengers", the IP of Cixin LIU's work “The Three-Body Problem” and Jing WU's sci-fi "The Wondering Earth”. Guang YU believes collaborating with such popular IPs will help Brass Master achieve further developments.

    Guang YU added: “Cathay Capital and GX Capital are very supportive, the whole financing process has been very smooth and our first investors - Shunwei Capital, Xiaomi Investment and Haiquan Fund – agreed to continue investing in our company without hesitation. In such a difficult environment where investments are decelerating, we’re proud to see investors firmly endorse a small business like ours. This gives us a lot of confidence and proves that our business philosophy is relevant. As consumption is upgrading, home accessories, customized gifts and furniture have great potential and as long as we work hard, we will be able to make new breakthroughs.”

    (President, founder and CEO of Brass Master)

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