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  • cathay capital innovation« The close involvement of the Cathay Capital team with our activities allowed us to pursue our growth at a sustained level and to reach a higher level in terms of our international development, particularly in Asia. »

    Alexandre Crazover,

  • cathay capital innovation« By acting as a trusted shareholder, Cathay Capital has helped to strengthen mutual understanding and to secure our relationships with French partners. Thanks to Cathay Capital’s valuable role, Suofeiya today represents a real success story, which has successfully completed its IPO and continues to push forward its development with dynamism. »

    Ke Jiansheng,

  • cathay capital innovation« The strategic positioning of Cabio is to become an invisible champion of the niche market for high-end food ingredients based on highly effective biological technology. Cathay Capital has extensive resources and practical experience in the cross-border investment field and food industry, which will provide a strong support for Cabio`s development, »

    Dewei Yi,
    Founder and President of Cabio


  • Zongteng Group Accelerates its Development with a 700 million CNY Funding Round Read more

    Zongteng Group Accelerates its Development with a 700 million CNY Funding Round

    In March 2019, Zongteng Network raised 700 million CNY in a series B funding round led by Cathay Capital and Global Logistic Properties, with the participation of Eastern Bell Venture Capital.

    In the past 20 months, Zongteng has completed two rounds of financing raising a total of almost 1 billion CNY. The success of these fund raisings demonstrates the recognition by leading financial and industrial investors of Zongteng’s high value and potential.

    Founded in 2007, Zongteng is a global logistics provider and the Chinese leader in cross-border e-commerce and related services. Zongteng’s uniquely global strategy began in 2014 with brands like “Gu Cang” and “Yun Tu”. It soon became the first Chinese e-commerce company to operate warehouses overseas. Today, Zongteng provides its cost-effective and integrated services in China, the United States, Europe, Japan, or Australia to a multitude of e-commerce sellers and brands through a network of nearly 50 warehousing and transit hubs across the world, representing more than 400,000 square meters, close to 1,000 international employees, and the capacity to process over 700,000 orders every day.

    This funding round inscribes itself in the framework of a three-year “leap” strategy adapting the business model from “China-Global” to “Global-Global” which translates into international infrastructure developments and improved operational processes. Specifically, the funding round will finance process automation, extending facilities to accommodate heavy cargo and targeted business developments, particularly in the US and EU markets.

    Zuan WANG, CEO of Zongteng, stated: “The tide of globalization has opened a new era for the cross-border e-commerce industry. We have worked hard to pioneer a new model over the past four years, and we will continue to improve on existing practices, to enhance the efficiency of China’s globalization and to accelerate the full deployment of global e-commerce.”

    Zheng WANG, Partner at Cathay Capital, added: “Zongteng launched cross-border e-commerce in China. It has built a complete logistics and warehousing system across the world and accumulated incomparable expertise over the years. Zongteng is competitively positioned to leverage the strong growth of Chinese e-commerce, especially the B2C segment which is very rapidly developing. With Cathay’s support, Zongteng will further expand its footprint in Europe and the United States through business partnerships and acquisitions to become an e-commerce global leader.”

    Copyright reserved: Cathay Capital Private Equity

  • Finance Active welcomes Cathay Capital to accelerate its international development Read more

    Finance Active welcomes Cathay Capital to accelerate its international development

    Cathay Capital announced today it has signed an agreement to acquire a significant minority stake in Finance Active, a digital finance solutions provider, to fast-forward its international growth. As part of the transaction, Capzanine will be selling its minority stake in the Company. The transaction involves a major investment of Jacques Descourtieux and Patrice Chatard, the Founders, as well as the entry into the capital of Finance Active of new key managers.

    Founded in 2000 in Paris, Finance Active and its 150 employees provide SaaS based digital solutions to improve debt management and financial risks performances. The Company paves the way for greater digital transformation in finance through cutting-edge technologies and a strong emphasis on user-friendly processes. Its more than 10,000 users on 5 continents include businesses ranging from private SMEs to global multinationals and from local authorities to financial institutions in France and around the world.

    Its activities are particularly focused on debt management with 750 billion euros under supervision, though the Company also provides guarantee, leasing and forex digital management tools. Its innovative software solutions enable a centralized and accurate view of outstanding financing instruments permanently connected to the financial markets, simulations, regulatory reports, key indicators and personalized support.

    While Finance Active has been continuously developing (double digit growth) in the last years thanks to solid market trends and a diversified loyal customer base, it has also established solid expertise and innovative R&D to polish its services over many years. It now stands competitively positioned to increase its share of the global digital debt, guarantee and FX management market.

    Cathay Capital will leverage its know-how and ecosystem to accelerate Finance Active’s international development, grow its client portfolio and help the Company become a global leader. Cathay’s extensive experience in M&A and build-ups will also be an important strategic asset.

    Jacques Descourtieux and Patrice Chatard, co-CEOs of Finance Active: “We are delighted to join forces with Cathay Capital. Over the years we have earned the trust and recognition of a broad range of businesses and sharpened our expertise to the point that we feel confident our global expansion can now successfully accelerate thanks to Cathay’s know-how and unique platform.”

    Edouard Moinet, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Cathay Capital: “Finance Active is at the forefront of the digital transformation of finance. The Company, its management team and its services consistently receive outstanding feedback from its stakeholders. We are very excited to now support Finance Active in the acceleration of its development and serving as a catalyser in the company’s path to become a global leader in debt management solutions.”

    About Finance Active

    Founded in 2000, Finance Active operates in four main fields: debt and investment management, foreign exchange risk management, guarantee management and financial forecasting. Finance Active offers a unique approach that combines online collaborative management platforms; its solutions are continuously connected to financial markets and are specially designed for companies, local authorities and financial institutions. With a turnover over €20M and 150 employees in France and abroad, Finance Active is a founding member of France Fintech. More information at:

    About Cathay Capital

    Cathay Capital Private Equity is a leading international private equity firm focused on cross-border investment and committed to supporting the international expansion of middle-market companies in North America, China and Europe. The firm's team of 90 professionals is based in New York, Shanghai, Beijing, Paris, Munich, San Francisco and Tel Aviv and leverages its unique business model and platform to create value for companies across three continents. With $2.5 billion in assets under management, Cathay Capital Private Equity has completed over 90 buyouts and growth capital investments across three continents since its inception in 2007. Cathay Capital Private Equity invests in and assists middle-market companies in the consumer goods and services, healthcare, business services and technology industries. For more information, please visit

    Finance Active: Jacques Descourtieux, Patrice Chatard

    Capzanine: Maxence Radix, Sabine Barral

    Cathay Capital: Edouard Moinet, Jérémie Falzone, Victor de Tracy, Thierry Auzel

    Sell-side advisors

    Financial Advisor - Natixis Partners: Nicolas Segretain, David Feiner, Adrien David

    Financial Due Diligence – Deloitte: Thomas Fischer, Aurélien Louis

    Commercial Due Diligence – PMSI : Rémi de Guilhermier

    Legal – Volt Associés: Lucas d’Orgeval

    Buy-side advisors 

    Financial Due Diligence – Oderis: Julien Passerat, Stéphane Fersing

    Commercial & Strategic Due Diligence – Indefi: Julien Berger, Nicolas Lamour, Mehdi Belefqih, Tatiana Amorelli, Yannick Hamida

    Legal & Tax – Hogan Lovells: Stéphane Huten, Ludovic Geneston, Sophie Han, Alexander Premont, Luc Bontoux

    Media contacts

    For Cathay Capital        

    Yoann Besse - Citigate Dewe Rogerson                                                     

    +33 1 53 32 78 89     


    For Finance Active

    Julie Rambaud

    +33 1 55 80 55 43

  • CES 2019: The shift towards an AI driven services economy has begun Cathay Innovation attended CES in Las Vegas this year - we visited the exhibitions and held meetings with our ecosystem of corporates to discuss the evolution of various technologies. Read more

    CES 2019: The shift towards an AI driven services economy has begun

    Click here to read the full article!

    Cathay Innovation attended CES in Las Vegas this year - we visited the exhibitions and held meetings with our ecosystem of corporates to discuss the evolution of various technologies. As usual, the event continued to be massive, with more than 4,500 exhibiting companies and 180,000 attendees.

    Perhaps most noticeable was the steady and ongoing shift towards what we call an "AI driven" economy. Smart devices, or any kind of connected smart spots with computing power inside, continue to emerge with great fanfare. However, most striking this year was how voice command + AI + IoT have started to merge as one single concept and usage. As such, these devices are now merging into a broader global landscape with capabilities driven by AI and enabled by voice. Companies don’t want to sell consumers smart devices, but AI-based services using a whole set of devices (or point of contacts) connected to their relevant ecosystems. For instance, with the emergence of smart cities, a deep shift in the car, energy and mobility businesses is clearly starting.

    Second, was the global representation of CES innovation at the startup level. For instance, China tech was standing out for its leadership in automotive and mobility, enabled by AI. See Denis' interview with CGTN below. This year a new record was established for the FrenchTech, since 410 French companies were present at CES. The French startups even outnumbered the American startups. Our portfolio company Ledger, the leading producer of hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies and blockchain based cybersecurity, was named by Les Echos as the "real french star at CES" (read the full article here).

    Some important themes which have emerged at this edition of CES that we wanted to emphasize can be summarized in a few categories: 5G and IoT, Blockchain, Automotive, Health and Wellness, Robotics and Machine Intelligence, Home Delivery, and Gaming. Voice was an element that pervaded many categories, as the number of voice-enabled devices keeps increasing and as the technology itself advanced rapidly. All these fields will certainly drive profound change to our society, and major companies, like Google, Amazon, Uber, are pushing forward these topics according to their agenda. As in the previous editions, sustainability was also a big concern, and GreenTech and EnergyTech are likely to be omnipresent in a few years.


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  • Cathay CarTech completes funding round for world leader in 3D sensing systems UPhoton Read more

    Cathay CarTech completes funding round for world leader in 3D sensing systems UPhoton

    Cathay CarTech Fund, in partnership with Lenovo Capital, THG Ventures, TusStar Invest and ZOL QiHang Investment, has recently completed a 100 million RMB funding round for UPhoton. The leading 3D sensing system supplier once again won the recognition of capital markets. Several existing shareholders such as Shunwei Capital and Baidu Venture have increased their participation.

    3D sensing systems function as the eyes of an increasing number of intelligent appliances and as the core sensor for artificial intelligence. It has already been widely applied in security & surveillance, consumer electronics, automobile sensing and industrial inspection.

    UPhoton has developed a deep expertise in 3D sensing technologies over the years. With its in-house design & production capacity it produces complete sensing systems from the core diffractive optical elements (DOEs) to the projection optical modules and depth map algorithms. Concretely, as the only domestic supplier of mass-produced core DOEs, UPhoton is uniquely able to offer low-cost, low power consumption and highly customizable 3D sensing systems. The company's clients include the world's most famous mobile phone manufacturers and the world's largest e-commerce and warehousing logistics companies.

    UPhoton leads the world in 3D sensing technology R&D and product manufacturing capabilities as well as DOE algorithm design and semiconductor fab processes. Since 2017, UPhoton has developed innovative optical elements combining both refraction and diffraction. Used in 3D optical sensing systems, this technology reduces the number of components by up to 60% and enables the mass production of a highly integrated, small size and low-cost solution. UPhoton’s patented technology greatly expands the application range of 3D sensing systems, offering a long distance, highly precise and safe product to customers in the mobile phone, security & surveillance, and automobile industries.

    Dr. Kehan TIAN, founder and CEO of UPhoton, said: "We are honored to be recognized by THG, Cathay and Lenovo Capital. Their investment is an affirmation of UPhoton's ability to create real value for customers. Cooperating with the most famous mobile phone manufacturers in the world allowed us to defeat renowned international companies from the mobile phone supply chain, successfully help our customers reduce BOM costs, improve eye safety and achieve mass production.”

    This funding round will enable UPhoton to strengthen its technological leadership by continuing the expansion of R&D, especially in DOEs and depth map algorithm, which are the two main foundations for advanced 3D sensing systems, but also in optical chips and sensing systems. Uphoton will also increase the mass production of core DOEs for mobile phone and other industries and develop the application of 3D sensing systems in consumer electronics, security & surveillance, and the automobile sectors.

    Key team members of UPhoton have more than 10 years of R&D and senior management experience in the industry. They all come from world leading technology companies such as IBM, 3M, Philips, UMC, STMicroelectronics, Schlumberger, Samsung, or Faurecia.

    Since its establishment, UPhoton has been favored by top investment institutions. It successfully completed its angel round of financing led by Zhen Fund and Legend Star in 2016 and its A Series funding round led by Shunwei Capital and Baidu Venture in 2017.

    Maoxiang LI, partner at Cathay CarTech, added: "Intelligent 3D sensing systems are a great focus for Cathay. They have a very wide range of potential applications for the future. UPhoton has accumulated unique value in 3D sensing system R&D and manufacturing. Notably, the company has started mass production for Android phones. UPhoton has already established its top design and production capacity in 3D sensing systems and Cathay will now fully leverage its global resources to help the company achieve its next breakthrough starting with the automobile industry.”

  • FINALCAD raises $40M to digitise the construction industry FINALCAD, a leading construction mobile platform, today announces a $40 million Series C round, led by Draper Esprit, accompanied by Cathay Innovation and with the support of Salesforce Ventures. Read more

    FINALCAD raises $40M to digitise the construction industry

    Paris, December 13th, 2018. — FINALCAD, a leading construction mobile platform, today announces a $40 million Series C round, led by Draper Esprit, accompanied by Cathay Innovation and with the support of Salesforce Ventures. The investment will enable the company to significantly accelerate operations across Europe and Asia, as demand for their mobile-first construction app increases. 

    Along with existing French investors Serena, Aster and CapHorn Invest, additional international investment funds are joining FINALCAD. Newcomer investors include leading European fund Draper Esprit, the global VC fund Cathay Innovation, and the global investment group of Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, Salesforce Ventures.

    $10 trillion is currently spent on construction globally, with that number expected to double over the next 20 years. Yet the industry suffers from chronic low productivity. According to McKinsey, while overall productivity has risen by 30% since 1995 in the UK and Germany, productivity in the construction industry has risen by only 7%. Simultaneously, the adoption of digital technology has been very low; the industry still predominantly uses manual, non-digital processes. With a rise in population, and the consequent need for more infrastructure and housing worldwide, the need to build in more efficient, cost-effective ways could not be more pressing.

    FINALCAD was founded in 2012 by Jimmy Louchart, Joffroy Louchart and David Vauthrin, to solve this exact problem. The company enables construction companies to improve their operational efficiency through a mobile digital platform. Site engineers, Foremen, Architects and Consultants can work together on their app, enabling collaboration across a wide variety of workflows both on site and at the office. Their app is not just a communication tool, but also enables users to work on drawings, BIM models, tasks, controls, safety procedures and progress monitoring. FINALCAD can then provide insights and best practices at a company level, thanks to their analytics technology.

    With this additional firepower, FINALCAD are well positioned to build on their progress in Europe and Asia, as they execute on their mission to digitise the construction industry. The new funds will enable the company to:

    • Extend their SaaS Product platform from Buildings and Infrastructure, to Energy and Operations & Maintenance.
    • Hire 100 people to better serve its global customers.
    • Invest in R&D around Construction Insight Platform, to provide predictive insights.

    The company now employs 170 people, across 12 countries and has serviced over 20,000 projects since inception. Their customers include leading construction firms such as Shimizu, Eiffage, RATP and PT PP.

    “When we raised our Series B in 2016, we intended to implement pivotal change: moving from a project-based business model to a company-wide digital transformation one. This involved covering all the main activities of our industry: buildings, infrastructure, energy, operations and maintenance. Since then, we validated this shift with some major contract wins in Europe and Asia. Now this Series C allows us to fully deploy our new strategy on a global scale. We firmly believe that this unique approach is coming to fruition, and the value we bring to our customers is the right path towards changing the way we build. We want to help our customers have a strategic advantage in their competitive landscape.” — Jimmy Louchart, Co-Founder and CEO, FINALCAD.

    FINALCAD is exactly the kind of company we invest in: a growth stage company, with a proven business model, seasoned management team, and a truly disruptive solution for a global market. We see the great opportunity ahead of us and are excited to partner with them as they build what we believe is the future of the construction industry. ” — Ben Tompkins, Managing Partner, Draper Esprit.

    We are very proud to be part of FINALCAD's investor base and to support the company on this new journey. With its mobile-first platform and a proven international DNA, FINALCAD has become a leader in the digitalization of the construction sector. We look forward to leveraging our platform to help bridge its platform across the three continents and accelerating its growth in new European and Asian markets ”, said Denis Barrier, Co-Founder and CEO of Cathay Innovation.

    “At Salesforce Ventures, we invest in companies bringing cutting-edge solutions to our customer base. After examining the construction tech industry, we decided to invest in FINALCAD because of its innovation and drive to scale globally. We are excited to be part of bringing construction tech to our customers.” — Alex Kayyal, Partner and Europe Head, Salesforce Ventures.

    About FINALCAD
    FINALCAD is the global leader in digital transformation for construction, infrastructure and energy. Its unique combination of software, change management, and data helps construction stakeholders to change the way they build. Since 2012, FINALCAD has delivered more than 20,000 projects across 35 countries, and has secured over $63 million in funding from investors including Draper Esprit, Cathay Innovation, Salesforce Ventures, Serena, Aster, and CapHorn Invest. For more information please visit

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