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  • cathay capital innovation« Our open innovation partnership with Cathay Innovation is like a passport to China. It allows us to benefit from their strong local deal flow and to possibly co-invest. The fund is a unique platform for introductions to the best innovative companies and gives us the capacity to do real business development with them. »

    François-Xavier Meyer,
    Vice-president of SEB Alliance

  • cathay capital innovation« A good investor is not only a lubricant and a catalyst for portfolio companies’ activities, but also a close and trustworthy partner on the road to success. Cathay Capital is such an investor! »

    Tingjun YOU,
    Founder and CEO of LUMI

  • cathay capital innovation« We are delighted to have Cathay Capital as partner supporting our global growth. Our strategic visions are perfectly aligned and we are excited to achieve dynamic growth on multiple continents as we develop innovative ergonomic and mounting solutions to satisfy expanding demand for products that improve health, wellness and productivity.  »

    David Fox ,
    CEO of Innovative Office Products

  • cathay capital innovation« The strategic positioning of Cabio is to become an invisible champion of the niche market for high-end food ingredients based on highly effective biological technology. Cathay Capital has extensive resources and practical experience in the cross-border investment field and food industry, which will provide a strong support for Cabio`s development, especially in helping the company’s development on international market. We are confident that together with Cathay Capital, Cabio will be developed into a world-class provider for premium nutrition and food ingredient solutions. »

    Dewei Yi,
    Founder and President of Cabio

  • cathay capital innovation« By acting as a trusted shareholder, Cathay Capital has helped to strengthen mutual understanding and to secure our relationships with French partners. Thanks to Cathay Capital’s valuable role, Suofeiya today represents a real success story, which has successfully completed its IPO and continues to push forward its development with dynamism. »

    Ke Jiansheng,

  • cathay capital innovation« The close involvement of the Cathay Capital team with our activities allowed us to pursue our growth at a sustained level and to reach a higher level in terms of our international development, particularly in Asia. »

    Alexandre Crazover,


  • Waytous, the leader of unmanned intelligent mines, completed A2 round of financing and aims towards a global development with the Support of Cathay Cartech Fund Read more

    Waytous, the leader of unmanned intelligent mines, completed A2 round of financing and aims towards a global development with the Support of Cathay Cartech Fund

    Waytous officially announced that it has secured more than 100 million RMB A2 round of financing. Up to now, Waytous had raised, over 200 million RMB in series A round of financing since July 2019.

    The A2 round of financing was led by Cathay Cartech Fund, expert in the field of automobile and logistics, followed by FOF, Hai Chuang Fund of Funds, by Hina Group and by Sigma Square Capital, Waytous’ oldest shareholder.

    Cathay Capital is a leading global cross-border private equity investment platform, with 3.5 billion euros assets under management. Cathay Cartech Fund under Cathay Capital pays special attention to companies with great prospects and potential in the implementation of hard tech industry.

    Waytous attracted high-quality capitals thanks to its technical strength, great innovation ability and solid industry reputation.

    Dr. Long Chen, the CEO of Waytous, states:

    “It’s an honor to have the recognition and trust of Cathay Cartech Fund and Haichuang fund of funds. Together we will work to change the traditional mining industry and build a world-class leading intelligent ecosystem. The Chinese government recently published its guiding opinions on accelerating the development of intelligent coal mine before 2025. In 2020, we will continue to invest in productization, platformization and systematization. In parallel, we will further promote the implementation of unmanned solutions of underground mines as well as fostering the mass production and delivery of autonomous mining equipment. We will largely benefit from Cathay’s profound international background and global vision; Cathay is a great partner for exceptional start-ups to move further towards the international market. In 2019 Waytous has started its overseas business in North America and Africa and will now accelerate the internationalization of its business with new partners joining.”

    According to John Li, the partner of Cathay Cartech Fund:

    “Technology innovation drives the improvement of efficiency. The intelligent mine is a hundred-billion-value market that needs to be realised. It is also one of the most important field of implementation for the autonomous-driving technology. While the traditional mining industry is facing issues such as labor shortage, safety supervision and cost benefit, Waytous brings a comprehensive solution to these challenges. Waytous is a pioneer of this technology in China and has accumulated years of technological expertise in unmanned mine and are highly recognized by mining companies and machinery manufacturers. As of now, they are the only supplier that can provide a complete product line. Cathay will bring its industrial knowledge,international resources and global deployment skills to promote Waytous’ expansion, especially in the North American and African markets.”

    The first autonomous mining solution

    In China, the first total autonomous mining was officially launched in September 2019 and put into commercial operation. The autonomous haulage system in the total solution of unmanned mine provided by Waytous can carry out the functions of autonomous transportation, truck-excavator coordination, intelligent dispatching, and emergency takeover.

    The latest autonomous truck is 8.7m long, 4m high, with a full load of 90 tons and stable speed of 20km / h. Three systems, autonomous driving, fleet scheduling and remote control, are applied, which can fully meet the requirements of mining operation. The total solution can eliminate the risk of personal safety, reduce the operating cost, and play a crucial role in improving the profitability of mining enterprises. This is the only total solution for autonomous mines in China with independent intellectual property.

    World-class team fostering technical revolution in traditional manufacturing

    As a pioneer of autonomous intelligent mine, Waytous’ team has almost 30 years’ experience in this field and come from the best universities worldwide. Guided by Prof. Wang, our chief scientist professor (the director of The Sate Key Laboratory for Management and Control of Complex Systems at China Academy of Science), the team built China’s first autonomous Intelligent mine system and provided optimum total solutions for end to end autonomous mine transportation based on our deep understanding of the autonomous driving technology and extraordinary industrial design abilities.

    Promoting the formulation of industrial standards and creating intelligent mine ecosystem

    In response to the accelerating business implementation of unmanned mines, Waytous is bringing more professionals in business development, production management, quality control and after-sale service on board. We are actively improving the supply chain system, constructing a powerful operating system, building operations centers in core mining in China. Nowadays, Waytous is thoroughly connecting the upstream and downstream companies and will reunite them to accelerate the construction of the intelligent mine ecosystem.

    Turning challenges into opportunities and empowering the future to build a harmonious coexistence of man and nature

    Waytous’ CEO Dr. Long Chen says: “The coronavirus outbreak at the beginning of 2020 sets a big challenge to the industry but can be viewed as a turning point in technology upgrading.” The artificial intelligence has great potential in increasing productive and operating efficiencies. It is the most effective and reliable way to ensure workers’ safety and protecting the industry from uncontrollable effects. In the next 3 years, Waytous will further cement our core technology and facilitate its implementations. Starting with mine sites, we will reach out for more scenarios that our autonomous-driving system can be applied in.  Waytous will conduct business around the world at the same time and increase the safeness and the stability of our products. Our goal is to build a modernized society where human and the nature can live in harmony.”

  • Le Wagon raises 17 million euros from Cathay Capital and AfricInvest to become the world reference in tech bootcamps Read more

    Le Wagon raises 17 million euros from Cathay Capital and AfricInvest to become the world reference in tech bootcamps

    Founded in 2013 and self-financed until now, the French start-up concludes its first fundraising to consolidate its offer and expand internationally

    Paris, March 3, 2020 - With campuses in 38 cities on 5 continents and a community of more than 7,000 alumni, Le Wagon has quickly established itself as a global reference in intensive coding bootcamps. The school announces its first fund raising of 17 million euros, from the lead investor, the international investment fund Cathay Capital, and the AfricInvest fund.

    Founded upon a tried-and-tested learning method focused on practical exercises, Le Wagon offers high quality training with a high degree of operationality and employability allowing students to quickly integrate into tech companies or launch their project.

    Ranked the best coding bootcamp in the world 4 years in a row (Switchup ranking), Le Wagon is a global reference in digital upskilling, vocational reskilling and in the digital transformation of individuals as well as companies.

    Consolidating international presence and expanding offering

    After an initial phase of strong, self-financed growth, its three founders decided to open Le Wagon’s capital in order to accelerate the company's development with three major objectives:

    • Consolidating its international footprint in Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America and Africa, by continuing to open newcampuses and investing in the international network of franchisees.
    • Expanding the training offering. The Group is committed to meeting training needs and business evolution as closely as possible, as well as providing the necessary operational support to all its current and future campuses and to developing its training programs.

    A few days ago, Le Wagon launched its new data science bootcamp enabling individuals and companies to master the fundamentals of data science and machine learning. Currently available in Paris, Berlin and Shanghai, this new 9-week training course will be deployed on all campuses and offer full-time and part-time formats.

    • Developing its BtoB offering, Le Wagon Executive, which is aimed at companies of all sizes to train their teams involved in digital functions as part of their digital transformation projects. With its tailor-made acculturation, upskilling and reskilling offers, Le Wagon Executive has already trained more than 1,000 employees.

    "This fundraising marks a new milestone in our development. Ever since Le Wagon’s foundation, we have concentrated our efforts on iterating on our teaching methods, building an international network of campuses, as well as a network of partner companies that recruit from among our students. Our model is now proven, and this funding will enable us to deploy it more effectively on a global scale and to broaden our training offerings, while preserving our DNA: teaching new skills and training for tomorrow's professions. Cathay Capital has quickly established itself as a natural partner, thanks to its presence in Europe, Asia and the United States, and a dual expertise in the digital and education spaces. We are also delighted that AfricInvest is accompanying us in the implementation of our ambitious strategy on the African continent" explain Boris and Romain Paillard, co-founders of Le Wagon.

    "In just a few years, the Wagon has developed a unique, high-impact model that has already enabled thousands of people to acquire new skills and trained them for the future of work. Today, Le Wagon is well-positioned to become the world reference in tech training and we are delighted that Boris, Romain and Sébastien and the entire team has chosen us to support them in their next major step. With our international footprint and our expertise in education and the digital sector, we will do our utmost to accelerate the team’s growth in B2C and B2B in Europe, Asia, the United States, as well as in Africa with the AfricInvest teams", explains Fabien Wesse, Partner at Cathay Capital.

    About Le Wagon

    Le Wagon is a coding school open to all and which offers short and intensive training (bootcamp) in web development and data science. Le Wagon's mission is to enable the greatest number of people to learn technical skills in order to update their skills, to promote their retraining or to provide them with the tools they need to launch their project. The school offers a web development program, recognized as the best short training in the world as well as than a program in data science. Launched in 2013, Le Wagon today boasts an international presence in 38 cities around the world, the training of 7,000 people from all walks of life, a proven teaching method, a vast community of alumni, an offer accessible to individuals but also to companies to train their employees.

    Le Wagon is co-founded by the Boris brothers (former financial analyst) and Romain Paillard (former lawyer), as well as Sébastien Saunier (ex-Google).

    About Cathay Capital Group

    Cathay Capital Group is a global investment platform specialized in cross-border development with a focus on Northern America, Asia and Europe. The group identifies investment opportunities with the potential to impact the world and accompanies portfolio companies in their international expansion through its ecosystem of partners and the local expertise of its close to 90 employees based in Paris, Shanghai, Beijing, New York, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Munich and Singapore. Founded in 2007, the Group has completed over 130 buyouts, growth and venture capital investments and manages €3.5 billion in assets (as of 31/12/2019), distributed in a range of investment strategies and vehicles.

    For more information, please visit 

    About AfricInvest

    Founded in 1994, the AfricInvest Group ( is a pioneer and a leader in Private Equity in Africa. With close to EUR 1.5 billion in assets under management, AfricInvest has so far carried out more than 160 investments in close to 30 African countries – and in France – thanks to its 70 people strong team representing 13 nationalities and a broad range of complementary skills. They operate from 9 offices in Abidjan, Algiers, Casablanca, Lagos, Cairo, Nairobi, Paris, Port Louis and Tunis. Since January 2017, AfricInvest’s European team in Paris invests in the Franco-African Fund (FFA) a professional private equity fund dedicated to French SMEs which are stakeholders or with a footprint in Africa. Since its foundation, the FFA has completed 8 operations in a diversity of sectors (health, education, environment, tourism, industry, …). The Group’s mission is to accompany participations in their development in Africa through its unique continental network.

  • Cathay Capital launches its insight-sharing platform Cathay Connect & Consult to link corporates and entrepreneurs across continents Read more

    Cathay Capital launches its insight-sharing platform Cathay Connect & Consult to link corporates and entrepreneurs across continents

    Paris, 26 February 2020 – Cathay Capital, a leading international investment platform focused on cross-border investment and committed to supporting the international expansion of startups and middle-market companies in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa, announces the launch of a new platform, Cathay Connect & Consult platform (C3 Platform), to empower its ecosystem partners and boost growth through networking, knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

    The Cathay Connect & Consult platform will carry out three missions:

    • Its first task will be to facilitate regular exchanges among influential CEOs from Asia, Europe, the US, and elsewhere in order to enhance international expansion through insight-sharing and win-win collaboration.
    • Secondly, it will build up relationships between established corporate leaders and promising entrepreneurs, thus clarifying business opportunities for the latter while introducing new technologies and innovative business models to the former.
    • Finally, offers in-depth strategic guidance, CEO coaching, and consulting support for a selective number of portfolio companies

    Cathay Connect & Consult will be led by Professor Arthur Yeung, who has an unparalleled experience at the crossroads of the academic, corporate and investment worlds.

    Mingpo Cai, Founder and President of Cathay Capital, explained:Cathay Capital is founded upon the core value of usefulness. We create value around the world by being useful to our ecosystem of entrepreneurs, LPs, corporates, partners, etc. The efficiency of this ‘ecosystemic’ approach has been demonstrated ever since Cathay’s foundation in 2007. Now, the Cathay Connect & Consult platform will take this business model and its impact to the next level. I am honored that Professor Yeung is joining us and will lead this initiative: his knowledge, experience and strong network will undoubtedly prove helpful to our entrepreneurs right from the start.” 

    Arthur Yeung, Co-founder of Cathay Entrepreneurship, Head of Cathay Connect & Consult Platform, added: “In today’s rapidly changing business world, you can either be a disruptor or to be disrupted by someone else. Our role at Cathay Connect & Consult is to leverage our deep relationships among ecosystem partners around the world, trusted friendships with influential CEOs in different industries, and strong expertise in the management and organizational know-how to make sure our portfolio companies emerge as winners during this era of technological disruption and global collaboration. I am looking forward to working closely with Mingpo Cai and the whole Cathay ecosystem to mobilize our resources to support our ecosystem partners in their definition of clear long-term vision, identification of the most promising global growth opportunities, and execution of their strategies.”


    Short biography of Arthur Yeung

    Arthur is Co-founder of the Cathay Entrepreneurship at Cathay Capital. In this role he discovers, nurtures, and partners with entrepreneurs to build companies that can bring a positive impact. He is also Head of the Cathay Connect & Consult Platform which creates value for Cathay portfolio companies and investors by creating forums to facilitate networking, insight sharing, and business collaboration.

    Since 2008, Arthur has been serving as Tencent’s Senior Management Advisor and sit in its Executive Committee. He has played a key role in enhancing business transformation and capability development for both Tencent and its strategic partners in recent years.  He also serves as Dean of TencentX University, an institution offering integrated learning programs for 300+ CEOs from Tencent’s ecosystem. 

    As a full-time corporate executive, Arthur also served as Chief HR Officer for the Acer Group from 1998 to 2002, working closely with the top management to radically transform Acer.

    Arthur taught at the University of Michigan Business School and China Europe International Business School. He is the author of numerous articles and a dozen of books on organizational transformation, among which “Reinventing the Organization” (published by Harvard Business Review Press and available in multiple languages), “Building Organizational Capability”, and “DNA of Transformation” are among the best-selling management books in China.

    About Cathay Capital Group

    Cathay Capital Group is a global investment platform specialized in cross-border development with a focus on Northern America, China, Europe and Africa. The group identifies investment opportunities with the potential to impact the world and accompanies portfolio companies in their international expansion through its ecosystem of partners and the local expertise of its close to 90 employees based in Paris, Shanghai, Beijing, New York, San Francisco, Munich, Tel Aviv and Singapore. Founded in 2007, the Group has completed over 130 buyouts, growth and venture capital investments and manages €3.5 billion in assets (as of 31/12/2019), distributed in a range of investment strategies and vehicles.

  • Datawords accelerates its international development with a capital change Read more

    Datawords accelerates its international development with a capital change

    The Datawords Group announces today its capital change to support the company’s strong international growth strategy. Keensight Capital, one of the leading European Growth Buyout1 firms, replaces Cathay Capital as majority shareholder of Datawords, alongside the founders’ team.

    The Datawords Group has a history of rapid expansion over the last five years, its turnover rose from €30 to €70 million (at the end of 2019) and the number of employees doubled to reach 800 people.

    The sustained organic growth has been particularly driven, since 2015, by the successful deployment strategy in North America (with the gain of numerous clients in the United States and the opening of new offices in Montreal and Mexico City) and the strengthening of the Group's activity in Asia, particularly in continental China (with new offices in Shanghai and Manila, following those in Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo).

    Benefiting from the active support of its shareholders, Datawords has also carried out several external growth operations over the past few years, with the acquisitions of Vanksen, 87 Seconds and WhatSquare, enabling it to accelerate the diversification of its service offering.

    The Group's technological expertise was also strengthened through major investments in the development of proprietary solutions (Wezen) and the launch of several strategic partnerships (notably with Adobe, Assist or ContentSquare).

    Today, Datawords is a fully integrated global Group, offering its customers the ability to roll out digital and video content on an international scale, with the support of multilingual technologies.

    The arrival of Keensight Capital as a majority investor will enable Datawords to pursue and accelerate its technological innovation strategy, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, Datawords will continue to enrich its offering of digital content creation and production offering and expand its international presence.

    Stanislas de Nervo, Co-founder and CEO of Datawords, comments: "Datawords will celebrate its 20th anniversary next June with the opening of a new chapter. The last five years were truly transformative for us as we built a unique platform on three continents, integrated and developed new expertise and attracted new talent. Cathay Capital will always hold an important place in our history for having twice supported us as a shareholder in the creation of a truly international Group. We are delighted to enter this new phase of our history with Keensight, building on the relationship of trust we have enjoyed since 2015."

    Philippe Crochet, Managing Partner of Keensight, said: "We are very pleased to continue and to deepen our collaboration with the co-founders of Datawords and the talented multicultural team they have built up and with whom we are very familiar. The unrivalled quality of service offering of Datawords, which is a world leader in its sector, coupled with the ability of its managers to generate double-digit growth every year for the past 20 years have convinced us to invest a majority stake in this great entrepreneurial adventure. We intend to leverage our extensive expertise in the IT sector to support the Group in successfully stepping up to the AI challenge internationally."

    Edouard Moinet, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Cathay Capital said: "By meeting an unmet demand and combining technological expertise and cultural understanding to facilitate the international deployment of content, Datawords has succeeded in creating a new agency model. We are proud to have supported Datawords during this transformative phase by carrying out several build-ups and accelerating its development in Europe, North America and Asia. We are pleased to pass the torch to Keensight to pursue Datawords' internationalization and growth momentum."

    *   *   *

    About Datawords             

    Created in 2000, Datawords combines the understanding of local cultures and technological expertise to implement the international strategies of major global brands on any digital platform. Headed by a team of co-founders, Datawords is today established in EuropeAsia and the USA. Datawords differentiates itself with e-multicultural technologies and the diverse backgrounds of its 800 employees who represent 50 nationalities and more than 60 languages. Datawords recorded a €70M turnover in 2019. Vanksen, 87seconds and Digiprod are also part of the Datawords Group.

    More info on and on LinkedIn

    About Keensight Capital               

    Keensight Capital, one of the leading European Growth Buyout firms, is committed to supporting entrepreneurs as they implement their growth strategies. For 20 years, Keensight Capital’s team of seasoned professionals has leveraged their knowledge of investment and growth industries to invest for the long term in profitable companies with high growth potential and revenues in the range of €15 million to €250 million. Drawing on its expertise in the Information Technology/Internet and Healthcare/Wellbeing sectors, Keensight identifies the best investment opportunities in Europe and works closely with management teams to develop and achieve their strategic vision.

    About Cathay Capital Group

    Cathay Capital Group is a global investment platform specialized in cross-border development with a focus on Northern America, China and Europe. The group identifies investment opportunities with the potential to impact the world and accompanies portfolio companies in their international expansion through its ecosystem of partners and the local expertise of its close to 90 employees based in Paris, Shanghai, Beijing, New York, San Francisco, Munich and Tel Aviv. Founded in 2007, the Group has completed over 120 buyouts, growth and venture capital investments and manages €3.5 billion in assets (as of 31/12/2019), distributed in a range of investment strategies and vehicles.

    For more information, please visit

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  • Innovative Office Products Acquires SiS Ergo (Danish Pioneer of Height Adjustable Tables Brings More Robust Product Offering to IOP Customers) Read more

    Innovative Office Products Acquires SiS Ergo (Danish Pioneer of Height Adjustable Tables Brings More Robust Product Offering to IOP Customers)

    EASTON, PA. – Feb. 10, 2020 – Innovative Office Products (IOP), parent company to HAT Contract and a leader in ergonomic monitor, tablet, sit-stand mounting products and height adjustable desk solutions for office, healthcare and other specialty workspaces, announced today that it has acquired SiS Ergo. Founded and headquartered in Denmark, SiS Ergo is a manufacturing pioneer of height adjustable tables. Since introducing the first height adjustable desk in 1970, SiS Ergo today manufactures ergonomic electric and non-electric height adjustable tables and accessory products for a broad range of workplace ergonomic needs. SiS Ergo products are known for their Danish-inspired modern and minimalistic aesthetic, superior functionality, unique customization options and expert craftsmanship.

    The acquisition of the SiS Ergo brand and its suite of products provides a strong complement to IOP’s existing line of HAT-branded ergonomic office products and immediately creates a broader and more diverse product offering to the market. It also expands IOP’s international footprint with advanced manufacturing capabilities in Denmark and increases sales capabilities across Europe, China and Southeast Asia.

    “With the addition of SiS Ergo and its Danish design roots, we have a truly unique and inspiring product solution for the contract marketplace,” said IOP CEO Dave Fox. “What’s more, SiS Ergo’s ability to offer customized product solutions, short lead times and first-rate customer service aligns perfectly to our existing business approach. We are excited to have SiS Ergo as part of our Innovative Office Products family.” 

    “It is apparent that our companies share a passion for innovative design, product quality and exceptional customer service,” said SiS Ergo Principal Owner Claus Hansson. “We’re looking forward to leveraging our expertise in customized solutions and Danish aesthetics with the additional resources from IOP. We see tremendous opportunities to accelerate the business and meet the continued needs of the marketplace globally.”

    Under the terms of the transaction, Hansson will now report to Fox. SiS Ergo President Scott McPartlin will report jointly to Fox and IOP General Manager, Vice President of Sales Jeff Wolber. The SiS Ergo brand name will remain, as will its manufacturing operations in Denmark. In the U.S., SiS Ergo will maintain its headquarters in Londonderry, N.H., continuing to serve its customers through its current sales force.

    Additionally, both Hansson and McPartlin will become minority shareholders of IOP’s holding company, joining a private equity consortium led by Cathay Capital along with IOP management team shareholders.

    “We are thrilled to welcome Claus and Scott to the IOP family. The addition of SiS Ergo will allow us to serve a much broader customer base within existing and new markets.  We are looking forward to IOP’s expanded market position given its comprehensive product and service range that addresses ergonomic needs across the office, healthcare and specialty workspace environments,” said Mark Woods, Partner and Head of North American Private Equity at Cathay Capital.

    Mingpo Cai, Founder and President of Cathay Capital, commented, “We are excited to partner with the talented team at SiS Ergo, as they will help further fuel IOP’s international expansion strategy in Europe, China and Southeast Asia while deepening our presence in North America.”

    More information about IOP, HAT Contract and SiS Ergo can be found at the following websites:

    IOP:  | HAT: | SiS Ergo:


    About SiS Ergo

    Dating back to 1966, SiS Ergo represents a world of innovative ergonomic products. For over 50 years, SiS Ergo has been a pioneer in design and manufacturing of ergonomic solutions for all work environments. Using Danish craftsmanship and the design concepts of simplicity and functionality, SiS Ergo products can be seamlessly integrated into any type of workspace. As a company, we are constantly reinventing and improving upon our designs to provide the best solutions for the ever-changing economic, environmental and ergonomic needs of today's workplace. Research has shown the multiple health benefits of sit-to-stand desks. SiS Ergo is proud to work with companies that are mindful of the well-being of their employees while providing energized and flexible spaces for maximum productivity.  More information can be found at

    About Innovative/HAT Contract

    Innovative/HAT Contract ( is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products and accessories that improve health, wellness and productivity across a range of work environments, including the office, healthcare and point-of-sale markets. The Company has over 200 employees working in the U.S. to design and assemble a majority of products in its Easton, PA headquarters. Innovative/HAT Contract works closely with customers from start to finish, providing a range of high quality products that exceed client expectations. In 2018, the Company acquired San Jose, CA.-based HAT Contract, a leading North American designer, contract manufacturer and distributor of office open space products including height adjustable tables, power/data beams, drawer pedestals, dividers and electrical components for benching and bases. More information about HAT Contract can be found at Connect with us on social media at: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

    About Cathay Capital

    Cathay Capital is a leading international private equity firm focused on cross-border investment and committed to supporting the international expansion of growing, middle-market companies in North America, China and Europe. Cathay’s team of 100+ professionals is based in New York, Shanghai, Beijing, Paris, Munich, Silicon Valley, Singapore and Tel Aviv and leverages Cathay’s unique business model and platform to help create value for companies across three continents. As of today, with over $3.9 billion in assets under management across its private equity and venture capital funds, Cathay has completed buyouts and growth capital investments in over 100 companies across three continents since its inception in 2007. Cathay Capital invests in middle-market companies in the consumer, healthcare, business and digital services, advanced industrial and technology industries. For more information, please visit

    Media Contacts:

    Libby Ferin                                                     Mark Woods                                      

    Vice President, Marketing                            Partner, Head of North American Private Equity                             

    Innovative                                                        Cathay Capital

    O: 610.253.9554x422                                     O: 212.858.9712                                

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