Sino-European Small Cap Fund

200 M€



Closing date of
the last vintage

10 M€ to 25 M€

Equity investment
(and more in consortium)

Type of investment

Transmission, capital growth, majority or minority role,
sole investor or part of a consortium

Partners in charge

Fabien Wesse


Based in Paris


Andreas Holtschneider


Based in Munich


Fabien Wesse


Fabien Wesse is a Partner of Cathay Capital, based in Paris.

Fabien joined Cathay Capital in 2010, after 10 years of private equity experience at Siparex Group, a French middle-market private equity firm with over €1B under management.

As a seasoned French low- and mid-market private equity investor, Fabien has participated in over 15 transactions, in control and non-control capacities, including succession, growth capital and LBO investments.

These transactions covered a broad range of sectors as diverse as construction, building materials, industrial goods, agri-business, textile, logistics, specialty retail, packaging, and electronics mail order. Fabien has been an active participant of the board of all the companies invested.

Prior to Siparex, Fabien worked in the CFO's office, in Switzerland, of a computer services company.

Fabien is a graduate of the University of Paris Dauphine.



Andreas Holtschneider


Andreas is a Partner of Cathay Capital, based in Munich. Andreas joined Cathay Capital in 2015, after having gained more than 12 years of experience in Private Equity, M&A and as manager of his family owned TV cable network business.

Prior to Cathay Capital, Andreas was a Principal in the German office of Silverfleet Capital Partners. His responsibilities included origination, execution and portfolio management in the mid-market, in particular in the German industry, healthcare and business services segment.

He was involved in the execution of twelve successful projects and numerous deal opportunities. The executed projects covered a wide transaction value range of €5m to more than €200m and included in particular leveraged financing and refinancing of portfolio companies, as well as the implementation of buy-and-build strategies.

Prior to this, Andreas worked with Ferber & Co (Munich) and ING-Barings (London) as an M&A advisor. Andreas completed a banking apprenticeship with a German private bank and holds a degree in Business Administration from the Munich University of Applied Sciences.



Partners in charge and their team

They Trusted Us

« By acting as a trusted shareholder, Cathay Capital has helped to strengthen mutual understanding and to secure our relationships with French partners. Thanks to Cathay Capital’s valuable role, Suofeiya today represents a real success story, which has successfully completed its IPO and continues to push forward its development with dynamism. »

M. Ke,
CEO of Suofeiya

« Accepting Cathay as our equity partner has been proven to be a very smart choice. Cathay team keeps bringing very necessary help for ZM both from overseas and in China. We understand each other, like each other and trust each other. »

Zhengming Huang,
Founder & President of Zhengming Modern Logistics

« Cathay has been highly beneficial to CEBTP’s development. Cathay has understood early-on management’s ambitions and has delivered its value-add as it promised, actively contributing both in terms of its ecosystem and knowledge. We are excited to build together a future global leader with Cathay as our partner based on a shared vision. »

Philippe Margarit,
CEO of CEBTP Group

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