Our Values



An investment is a decision to be useful: useful to businesses, useful to managers, useful to shareholders - and more broadly, to be useful to stakeholders around the communities, markets and economies in which we conduct business.


To invest is to become involved in and committed to the transformation of a business by partnering with its management as a long-term investor to find new means for growth and competitiveness.


We have a responsibility to those who entrust us with their capital. We also have a responsibility to the managers who seek our support in helping them grow their companies. And we have a responsibility to those who will come after us. We must constantly do what we say to deserve this threefold trust.


Great ideas reflect a diversity of thinking and a strong respect for others – an acknowledgment that others have something to contribute, regardless of their ethnicity, status, age or position.

5Analytical Rigor

Analysis is the bedrock for sound decision making. At Cathay, it is about working together to understand the context for success and then making data-based decisions to help businesses navigate and succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace.
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