Cathay Capital Foundation

It is not just a case of the markets on one side and culture on the other.
To understand a country's business market, one also has to understand its culture.

Since 2011 our France Chine Entreprendre Foundation has been supporting initiatives which develop and reinforce the mutual comprehension that exists between Western and Chinese culture. Curiosity towards the other, open-mindedness and the pleasure of exchange are qualities that are shared by investors, researchers and artists alike.

The FCE Foundation aims to become a key mediator between these two great global economic and cultural powerhouses through its activities as a partner in projects such as: la Nuit de Chine at the Grand Palais (Paris) in January 2014, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of France's official recognition of China; the book France Chine un ciel partagé which outlines exemplary Franco-Chinese successes in such a wide range of fields as health, aeronautics, wine and baroque music; and the Parsons Paris, the French branch of the prestigious Parsons New School of New York.

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